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KOTG Microcast #7 Quest for Blizzcon



Last Month Jenni and I were lucky enough to volunteer for The Guild booth at Blizzcon. We were also lucky enough to record some audio from our days at the con.

  • * We start with my intro as I head to Blizzcon.
  • * I find Jenni and we hear what she did the previous night with the Guild cast, crew and fans.


  • * We then go behind the stage as the Guild cast wait to go on stage for their panel, both Jenni and I interview cast members.
  • * Then there are some Q & A from the Panel
  • * After that we hold a raffle,  we gave away 4 Zunes


  • * And finally we are done and head back to our cars.

The audio is okay, we were using our portable recorder.

Hopefully we brought a little Blizzcon to those who could not make it and for those who did, hopefully we brought back some fun memories.

Thanks, Kenny & Jenni

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